The Best I Ever Had

The food: Best ever cookies

The stuff of obsession

The stuff of obsession

The story:

Experience has made me skeptical about best ever food claims. Like the cookies from a little bakery in midtown Manhattan called Ruby et Violette. I recently went out of my way (not too far out, but still, I took a crosstown bus!) to buy and try these expensive ($2.50 each) babies:


They had a soft, chewy texture, were not too sweet, and were made with good quality chocolate chunks. But were they “Perfect” (the name Ruby et Violette gives this particular variety)? No. Were they “the best damn cookies on earth” (another Ruby et Violette claim)? Sorry, but again, no.

No, the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever eaten were the ones I made recently in my own kitchen, from a recipe I found on the beautifully photographed and always interesting food blog Kiss My Spatula.

The Kiss My Spatula blogger says she “tweaked” a Jacques Torres cookie recipe that appeared in the New York Times in 2008, but it is her recipe, with rolled oats and chopped almonds added to Torres’ ingredient ratios and method, that changed my life.

The white flecks are rolled oats, not coconut (hate coconut).

The white flecks are rolled oats, not coconut (hate coconut).

These cookies may not look like much, but they really are mind-blowing, thanks to the delicious hit of caramelized sugar once you bite through the crisp exterior, the satisfying crunch of the toasted almond bits, the flakes of oat-y goodness, and the kiss of sea salt over top (here we go again with the magic and irresistible combination of sugar, salt and fat.)

Make them, try them, prepare to be obsessed, and don’t be surprised if after eating one, you find yourself walking around the house singing the chorus of a song I actually dislike, The Best I Ever Had, by rising rap star Aubrey “Drake” Graham, who in years gone by attended basketball camp with my sons, and now numbers them among his fans.

Okay, I hate the song, but these cookies ARE the best I’ve ever had.

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One thought on “The Best I Ever Had

  1. designhouse9 says:

    You have written about these cookies in such a way that I have to make them. I love everything that is being added to the more traditional recipe–oats, almonds, sea salt. Can’t wait to try them. Thanks for posting this!

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