TIFF Food, Part 3: Queen West

The food: soup at Ravi


The story:

I’ve been attending a screening per day at the Toronto Film Festival this year, mixing with festival-goers (= collecting material for my fiction by eavesdropping on all manner of lineup and in-theatre conversations), ogling some onstage celebrities (Demi Moore’s legs are OMG amazing), and seeing movies – some good, some not so good, all interesting. So far.

Prior to an international premiere screening of Last Ride, a slow but beautiful and haunting Australian film starring Hugo Weaving, about an ex-con and his son on the run, E and I stopped in at Ravi Soup at 322 Adelaide Street West for an early dinner.

E had the soup and wrap combo with the curried lamb, yam and spinach wrap and a smoky, richly flavoured roasted red pepper bisque. The wrap filling was spicy (too hot for my palate) but complexly and satisyingly flavoured. And while the mango-pineapple salsa served with it was a refreshing counterpoint, I thought there should have been more of it.

Curried lamb wrap and roasted red pepper bisque

Curried lamb wrap and roasted red pepper bisque

I opted for the chicken hotpot broth with tofu and noodles, which was delicately delicious. In my carb-loving way, I would have liked less broth and more noodles – more of all the non-liquid ingredients, actually, and maybe another flaky biscuit with red currant jelly like the one that came alongside.

Chicken hot pot broth with biscuit

Chicken hot pot broth with biscuit

Other places to eat when in the vicinity of the Cineplex Scotiabank theatre: Babur restaurant, 273 Queen Street West, home of above average Indian food and, in my view, the best samosas in Toronto; and the Sandwich Box at 388 Richmond Street West, for pricey but good sandwiches made to order with artisanal breads and high quality ingredients.

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One thought on “TIFF Food, Part 3: Queen West

  1. LM says:

    Kim, Thanks so much for recommending The Sandwich Box. I didn’t have time for a sit-down meal during TIFF, but got lunch from The Sandwich Box twice — a delicious grilled chicken, arugula, prosciutto, goat cheese on potato focaccia once and a mixed baby greens salad with quinoa, asiago, shredded carrot & snow peas, with citrus dressing, the other. Yum, yum! Also — vegetables, during the festival! Imagine! Now to find out if I can smuggle such things into the Scotiabank Theatre, the rest of the year.

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