To Market, to market

The food: breakfast sandwich

The story:

Acting on a hot foodie tip from my sister, I recently went to the Saturday morning green farmers’ market at Wychwood Barns, the former Toronto Transit Commission streetcar repair and storage facility turned into an art and community space near St. Clair and Bathurst in Toronto.

I threaded my way through the narrow aisles of the market building, among an arty crowd made up mainly of midtown hipsters (if that’s not an oxymoron), many with young children, and scooped up some organic, locally grown vegetables – the bags of small whole carrots of various hues especially called to me.

Next I had to try something my sister had steered me to, a scrambled egg, bacon and old cheddar sandwich on toasted (grilled?) unbleached sourdough bread from Fred’s Bakery, pictured above, which costs a slightly pricey $7 but is made to order at a tiny kitchen stand operated by Chez Vous catering and is more delicious than you’d expect such a simple combination of ingredients to be. My bet is on the grilled (fried in butter?) bread as the elevating element.

I also really like Nuala’s Fiery Irish Gold, a sweet and spicy apricot-based marmalade type condiment that is sold at Nuala’s baking booth (her brownies are quite good too) near the Chez Vous kitchen window. It would go well with old cheddar or brie, particularly on an oatie cracker; would brighten up cooked poultry or fish; and would even enhance a grilled scrambled egg, bacon and cheddar sandwich if you tried to make one at home.

3 thoughts on “To Market, to market

  1. Ezra says:


    My name is Ezra. I make the egg sandwich that you wrote about at the Wychwood Barns. I’m thrilled you liked it and I wanted to let you know why it’s so good. It’s all about the ingredients. The eggs are brought to me fresh every Saturday by Weaver Martin, another vendor at the market. You won’t find fresher eggs anywhere. The cheese is Iles Aux Grues 2 year old cheddar that I buy from “About Cheese” on Church St. And the delicious bacon is from Scotch Mountain Meats, also a vendor at the market. We also take great pride in the way we cook our eggs which is long and slow, finished with a touch of butter and organic milk. Yes, we use butter on the griddle but even those people that order it without butter find it utterly addictive. So, thank you for taking the time to try my sandwich and also for writing about it. I will definitely keep track of The Hungry Novelist’s postings because I can tell that you have GREAT taste.

    Best regards,

    Ezra Title

    • hungrynovelist says:

      Thanks for the comment and compliment on my taste (haha), Ezra, and for the interesting info about the ingredients that go into the delicious sandwich. I’ll be back for it, for sure …

  2. LM says:

    I’d like to second that emotion about this egg sandwich, which I’ll leave the house for, when I don’t otherwise have to.

    I’d also like to recommend the polenta offering they have there. I don’t remember the details (not being a blogger), but the topping varies, week-to-week, I believe, and it’s all on top of this little nest of polenta and is so good, I will now have to choose between the egg sandwich and the polenta on Saturdays. Maybe if I get there early for a breakfast egg sandwich, run errands and return for polenta for lunch. Life is so trying, out here in the west end!

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