Delicacies from Delica Kitchen

The food: baked goods from Delica Kitchen

Baby banana bran bread with dark chocolate chips from Delica Kitchen

The story:

It’s been bitterly cold – or as I like to say, fucking freezing – in Toronto lately, which means bakery treats are in order, as often as possible.

Lucky for me, a new artisanal bakery shop has opened up at 1140 Yonge Street (south of St. Clair) called Delica Kitchen. The shop is a pretty, clean, modern-looking small space, all white tile, classy font signage, and black counters, behind which stand friendly black-clad servers, ready to ladle out soups, grill and serve sandwiches and hand over baked goods. All the items at Delica – there are also salads, and vegetable sides – can be eaten in at the tiny counter or more likely, out, at home or office. Or in my case, out at my home office.

On a recent disgustingly cold afternoon of the type that makes me wonder for the thousandth time how anyone human could ever have thought that Canada was actually habitable, I ran into the shop and picked up three bakery items for sampling at home.

A strawberry jammie

First up was a strawberry jammie ($2.50) which is billed as a kind of baked jelly donut, but seemed to me more like a scone with spots of jam tucked inside and drizzled over top. I found it tasty and satisfying in the layered, bready way of scones, though I would have preferred more jam.

A Delica Kitchen Oreo

Next, I tried a Delica Kitchen Oreo ($1.25) which it amused me to photograph in the blue dish above as if it will soon be featured in an animated film, talking. The crisp cookie layers tasted of deep, dark, high quality chocolate, and the icing layer was a super sweet and rich hit of vanilla icing.

The last morsel on my dessert plate (naturally I tried bits of all three together) was a slice of Hyacinth’s Best Banana Bread. Whoever Hyacinth is, she favours a dry (in a good way) and not too sweet (I liked that about it too) form of banana bread that mingles a toasted bran flavour with the sophisticated taste of dark chocolate (bittersweet?) chips. This was my favorite of Delica’s baked items and made a good antidote, taken with a cup of hot milky Earl Grey tea, to the dreadful weather outdoors.

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