Insider Eating

The food: little-known (and inexpensive) food delights in midtown Toronto

The story:

A good thing about settling down in one place is that given some time and exploration, you will discover nifty little secrets about your neighbourhood that are known only to habitués – like the location of the unmarked footbridge that leads to serene, little-travelled ravine paths, or which hidden laneway can be used for a mid-block shortcut, or what garden blooms most prettily in spring.

Do enough searching, strolling and tasting, and you can also find, in my environs anyway, inexpensive but delicious food to take out, bring home and eat, fresh from the bag.

I’m talking about the crisp, lavishly lettuce-stuffed vegetarian salad roll with peanut sauce shown above – it’s available daily for only $3.99 at Dinah’s Soup Kitchen at 1057 Mount Pleasant Road near Sherwood. And the cute and succulent grilled baby artichoke hearts stuffed with grape tomatoes and tossed in olive oil and parsley, which cost only about $2 for the amount pictured below, and can be picked up at the new gourmet antipasto bar at the Bayview & Moore Loblaws:

Put the salad roll and the artichoke hearts together with a slice of the rustic baguette from Epi Breads on Bayview or Thobor Boulangerie on Mount Pleasant, finish with a little $2.50 lemon cake from Delica Kitchen:

and you have the makings of a lovely, light, low-priced, and very in-the-know midtown lunch for two.


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