Queen Much?

The food: good pub grub at the Queen & Beaver

The story:

Considering that:

1) I’m a show tune queen if ever there was one,
2) I’ve been madly practising the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody for the upcoming concert of the rock choir I recently joined (I’m particularly good at singing the immortal line, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no!”), and
3) my son just completed (whew) his 2nd year at Queen’s University,

a lunch visit to the welcoming and unpretentious Toronto gastropub The Queen and Beaver, located in a still-charming Victorian-era house tucked away in the otherwise mean streets of downtown Toronto, was definitely in the cards.

E and I both wanted the fish and chips (always and often) but for variety’s sake, I order the mushroom pithivier (a mushroom and potato pie) with green salad and we agreed to split both plates.

The food was delicious – the earthy mushrooms complemented the thin layers of creamy potatoes in the puff pastry-wrapped pithivier ($16), and the salad greens were a refreshing mix of bitter and mild leaves with pickled onions in a light vinaigrette.

The fish, meanwhile, tasted fresh and sweet in a crunchy yet light batter, the fresh-cut chips were thick with crisp edges and soft interiors, the way I like them, and the house-made ketchup and tartar sauce were a classy and artisanal touch that elevated the dish.

Such fare, fit for a queen who sings Queen songs and has a son at Queen’s, will bring me back to the Queen & Beaver, for sure, in September, when I’m looking for something to eat near Yonge & Dundas during TIFF, and sooner, too.

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