Just Can’t Get Enough Vegetables

The food: delicious vegetarian dinners

The story:

If someone had told me a year ago that about now, I would be practising, for the upcoming concert of the rock choir I’ve joined, the 1981 Depeche Mode song, “Just Can’t Get Enough”, I would have said, a) Me, singing anything, let alone rock? Yeah, right, and b) Depeche who?

Yet I am, this week, zestily practising that song, along with other rock selections that were hitherto unknown to me, or if known, hitherto unloved. I’ve also been basing a number of my meals on colourful fruits and vegetables. I could pretend I did so in honour of Earth Week, but the real reason is because they taste so good and healthy and spring-like, even when root vegetables are involved.

Take, for example, the meal shown above, inspired partly by (Toronto’s) Delux restaurant chef Corinna Mozo’s recipes featured in the May issue of Canadian House and Home magazine and partly by a recipe that appeared in The Guardian from Yotam Ottolenghi, chef and patron of the Ottolenghi food shops in London, England, one of which I wrote about in a previous post about vegetable-centric meals.

In the annoying way of most home cooks, I tweaked all three of the recipes, but was still happy with the results: the combination of an orange, watercress and avocado salad dressed with lemon vincotto vinegar, some rice and black beans flavoured with onion, red pepper and cumin, and a mash of boiled carrots, sweet potato and celeriac sweetened with butter and maple syrup was delightful.

Another day, navel oranges and olives juiced up my dinner plate, accompanied by strawberry tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella and chopped fresh basil, a salad that E whipped up of spinach, cooked squash, walnuts and chopped figs, and some oven fried, Panko-and-egg-coated zucchini strips.

I just can’t get enough of vegetables, indeed.


2 thoughts on “Just Can’t Get Enough Vegetables

  1. Gary says:

    “In the annoying way of most home cooks, I tweaked all three of the recipes”

    You sound almost embarrassed by this – don’t be! Cooks need to let go of recipes, they are a starting point only. When you experiment you often find really exciting things. Definitely want to try this dish as a recent convert to Ottolenghi.

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