Father’s Day Dinner at Amaya

The food: upscale Indian

The story:

This past Sunday, Father’s Day, E and I went for a kid-less (they were out playing basketball) dinner at the Bayview Avenue location of Amaya Express, the most casual iteration of the Amaya empire, a Toronto mini-chain of upscale/gourmet Indian restaurants. We later found out that two separate groups of friends and relatives had gone that same night to the original and most formal version of Amaya, Amaya the Indian Room up the road, for their Father’s Day dinners, but we prefer the walk-in, uncrowded, no reservations style of Amaya Express.

We went for the $39.95 Dinner for Two, which began with the Daily Chef’s Appetizer, that day being 3 pakoras (way too spicy for me) and 1 milder, creamier onion bhaji (next time I’ll order those only):

Next came our three chosen mains – masala lime lamb (smoky and shredded):

coastal prawn curry in coconut chilli masala (my favourite for the complex yet mellow flavours of the sauce):

and good old aloo gobi (again, a little too hot for my clearly spice-sensitive palate):

But, in keeping with my slavish devotion to breads of all kinds, I really liked the pillowy, buttery naan:

As is our wont, we were in and out of the restaurant in 45 minutes, and we had enough of the mains leftover to feed us both the next night at home, especially after I added some cooked shrimp to the prawn curry sauce. And E, the father in our party, liked it all.

Amaya Express on Urbanspoon

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