A Bakery in Every Port

The food: superlative baked goods at bakeries here, there and everywhere

The story:

Such is my love of artisanal quality baked goods that I seek out bakeries wherever I go. For instance, while in Old Montreal recently, E and I stopped by Olive & Gourmando, a bakery café often touted as Montreal’s best. Ours was a breakfast visit, where we were well-served by a banana ‘muffin’ with walnuts ($3.50) shown above, and a feathery light cheese croissant ($2.50):

Both were photographed perched on top of a Bixi bicycle seat, by the way.

A few recent speaking engagements at out of town literary festivals also gave me an excuse to sample tasty baked goods. After my appearance at the Leacock Summer Festival in Orillia, staged on the grounds of the lovely Stephen Leacock House/Museum, for example, I was introduced to the quaint yet awesome Mariposa Market Bakery Café, a large, homey enterprise located in a century-old store on Orillia’s main drag:

I failed to photograph the sweet, moist and delicious peach blueberry loaf cake I bought there, but it was only one of the many, many freshly baked goods on offer.

Last week, I read and spoke at the Kingston WritersFest, a lively literary festival in its second year and going strong. When in Kingston, I always try to visit Pan Chancho Bakery, a sophisticated, upscale bakery that makes gloriously savoury and addictive cornmeal dusted bread sticks that are the perfect accompaniment to a salad or a bowl of soup for lunch.

Pan Chancho also offers a full slate of artisanal breads, rolls, cookies, scones, and prepared foods. And the cooked breakfasts served at its café, though a little pricey, are excellent.

Closer to home, I helped Humber School for Writers host events at the Humber School for Writers Wordshop Marquee at Toronto’s Word on the Street festival this past Sunday. We had large crowds at the tent all day – thanks to all who came out! And I always like going down to the Queen’s Park site, knowing that Harbord Bakery, the source of my dearly beloved triple kimmel rye bread, my breakfast staple, is nearby.

Hmm. Hot buttered triple kimmel toast.


3 thoughts on “A Bakery in Every Port

  1. richmondtoastmaster says:

    That hot buttered toast looks delicious…I think if you ever quit writing you could score a job as a food photographer in ten seconds flat.

  2. Antanas Sileika says:

    If you go to the Harbord Bakery, you must buy their superior carrot cake, sold in various sizes, some as small as a muffin. Also, the lemon poppy seed pound cake comes as close to my late mom’s as possible.

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