Fresh Ricotta at Locanda Verde, Fresh Ricotta at Home

The food: fresh sheep’s milk ricotta

Fresh ricotta with truffle honey and orange toast at Locanda Verde

The story:

During a recent visit to New York, E and I trekked down to Tribeca to Locanda Verde for breakfast (served from 8 – 11 am on weekdays), principally to sample the vaunted fresh sheep milk’s ricotta with truffle honey and burnt orange toast ($9 at breakfast).

We’d run into some snooty attitude in Tribeca restaurants before, but this room – located in Robert De Niro’s The Greenwich Hotel, no less – was casual and stylish, the service warm and welcoming, and though the restaurant was celebrity-free during our visit (I would have loved to have a sighting of past Locanda Verde patrons Bradley Cooper or Blake Lively, to be honest) the ricotta alone was worth the trip downtown. Maybe even worth the trip to New York.

It was creamy, tangy, and warm, and we loved the sweet, salty, earthy, herby combination of flavours that were brought to it with the addition of fresh thyme, sea salt, honey and truffle oil. Okay, not so much the truffle oil, but everything else about the dish was lovely and amazing.

We also tried the Uova Modernese ($15) – two poached eggs served on a cotechino (a delicious type of sausage, and I don’t even like sausages ordinarily) hash with spinach and tomato hollandaise. Also amazingly good, as if made from magical eggs.

As for the lemon ricotta pancakes with fresh blueberries and meyer lemon curd ($13): they were wonderful too. Perfect, I might even say – light, sweet, and creamy.

Back home in Toronto, I strove to recreate the ricotta experience. On a Saturday, while I attended an all-day rehearsal for an upcoming concert of the choir I’m in, I sent E to buy some fresh sheep’s milk ricotta from the Monforte Dairy stall at the Evergreen Brickworks Farmers’ Market. He came home with two (!) good-sized tubs of a fresh dry ricotta, which, though it lacked the creamy texture of the Locanda Verde variety, was nevertheless delicious when drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and honey, sprinkled with some flor de sal d’estrenc and fresh thyme leaves, and eaten with toasted slices of rustic baguette topped with fresh grated lemon rind.

Monforte Dairy ricotta served up in my kitchen

Locanda Verde on Urbanspoon


5 thoughts on “Fresh Ricotta at Locanda Verde, Fresh Ricotta at Home

  1. espressoFREAK says:

    Just came upon your blog- great!

    Works equally well with cow milk ricotta- definitely try the creamy joy, locally available, “Fiorella brand”, at Longos or Italian mom/pop stores in T.O./ Vaughan.

    I make this for breakfast for my kids and they love it. Spread the ricotta directly on the grilled bread. Even better than Cheerios with espresso!

    Sprinkling lemon zest on any ricotta is fab! the thyme seems a taste distraction, but to each their own… The blend of flavours is heightened if you can char the bread (on a grill)..yum

  2. Rachel Silva says:

    My Dear,
    May we use your picture of our Ricotta with rustic toast for our new website? My stomach growled just looking at it.
    Rachel Silva
    Monforte Dairy

    • hungrynovelist says:

      Sure, you could use my picture! Could you credit it to the Hungry Novelist please, and provide a link to the blog post as well?
      Kim Moritsugu AKA The HUngry Novelist

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