Bests of 2010

The story:

Some time last month this blog surpassed the 100,000 views mark, which may be a small potatoes number for some of the big-time food bloggers, but strikes me as astonishing and worth celebrating.

In honour of passing that milestone, and with a nod to the year that just passed, here’s a roundup of some of the best things I consumed in 2010, at home and away (drumroll, please):

Best Nourishing Meal to Cook Up on a Cold Winter’s Day:
Roasted Vegetables with Boeuf Bourguignon Sauce a la Julia Child

A passel of roasted vegetables with a dark, winey, beefy sauce (and some actual beef) makes this a truly satisfying winter dish. There’s a pot of it simmering in my oven right now, as I write this, for my dinner tonight.

Best New York Restaurant Meal That Makes Me Want to Go Back At The Earliest Opportunity: Breakfast at Locanda Verde

Fresh ricotta with truffle honey and orange toast at Locanda Verde

The fresh ricotta with truffled honey was amazing, and so was everything else we ate there.

Best Home Repertoire Recipe: Buttery Cheese Straws

These savoury cheese straws, heated up, make a perfect late night snack. And now I have to make some this week.

Best Rich, Extravagant Dessert: the molten chocolate cake at Perry Street

This dessert provides the kind of rich, chocolate taste bomb that makes me dream up a wide variety of excuses to eat it.

Best Simple but Sophisticated Dinner Party/Potluck Dish To Impress Your Friends With: sesame-encrusted salmon

A good summer dish, but it goes over well in other seasons too.

Best Restaurant Meal Where I Least Expected It : this one was a tie between pizza at La Madia in downtown Chicago :

where I ate an excellent Neapolitan pizza in a hip, happening restaurant, and a burger at Rok Brger in Fort Lauderdale:

that made me want to try more of the gourmet burgers available in Toronto in the hopes of finding one as good.

Best New Year’s Not Really A Resolution:

I look forward to eating some more great food in 2011.


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