Chat & Roti in the Annex

The food: roti cuisine

The story:

I checked out Roti Cuisine of India, a humble roti shop at Dupont and Spadina in Toronto, after a literary agent and facebook friend of my actual acquaintance – Sam Hiyate – praised the joint in a status update.

The décor is extremely simple – the décor brings to mind a 1980’s no-name donut shop, squeezed into a long narrow space illuminated by only one window – but Roti Cuisine is clean, there’s courteous table service, the prices are more than reasonable, and the food of a higher quality that you’d expect when $6.99 gets you a huge roti, cooked to order, that could feed two.

I tried the aloo papri chat, a cool (temperature), tasty and light salad of crispy (rice?) wafers, chickpeas, and potato dressed in a mint, tamarind yogurt sauce. Someone else ordered pakoras, which seemed a cut above, and less greasy, than pakoras I’ve had elsewhere.

For a main, I ordered the aloo gobi roti (medium, which the waiter told us was mild). It was freshly made and flavourful, though I liked it more when I reheated half of it at home for dinner and ate it with chutney.

Next time, I’d order the chaat and pakoras again and split one roti between two people. And there will be a next time.

Roti Cuisine of India on Urbanspoon


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