Richard Scrimger Answers the HN Questionnaire

Writer: Richard Scrimger is the author of 15 books for children and adults. His latest YA novel is Me and Death, An Afterlife Adventure.

Currently residing in: The 401 between Toronto and Cobourg


Blog: It’s called Scrimger Should Probably Be Writing Something Else.

On Twitter? Yes. As @richardscrimger

What’s going on in your writing life right now? Craziness. I’m writing a book on my own and one with a friend, and editing two more for publication.

What’s your writing routine? Yawn, coffee, headscratch, pace, piano, coffee, back to pacing. Frown. Then maybe the gym. Then some more coffee.

What do you usually eat for breakfast? Coffee and watered down orange juice. yes I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What’s your point?

What good books have you read recently? Lush Life (Price), Waiting For God (Weil), One Step Behind (Mankell), The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (Diaz)

What did you eat for dinner last night? Stuffed peppers, leeks, vegetable marrow, blueberry pie. Thanks, Mom!

Writing rules you live by: How does it sound? When is it due?

Foodstuffs you’re fiending these days: Chocolate milk, dijon mustard, watermelon

A scene or piece you’ve written that features food: In Me & Death, abandoned teens make dinner out of what they can find at home. Froot Loop sandwiches and finger-licks from a Kool-Aid packet.

Favorite restaurants: Beast (Tecumseth and King, Toronto), Nuba (West Hastings, Vancouver), Black Beans (Walton, Port Hope)

Three formative books from your youth: River of Adventure (Blyton – I smuggled it to the dinner table to read between bites), N or M (Christie — my first mystery story. No pictures. I was so proud.), Candy (Southern — seriously. 6th grade and I had just begun to think about this stuff … and here it all was on the page!)

Three formative books from your adulthood: The Fan Man (Kotzwinkle — THE coolest voice). Regeneration (Barker — so deep, so pacy). How Tom beat Captain Najork and his Hired Sportsmen (Hoban — a kids’ book I couldn’t put down. Coolest language ever! as my daughter would say)

Dishes/recipes in regular rotation in your cooking repertoire: ribs, potato salad, tacos, ratatouille, back-of-frig stew

Random bits of writing advice: Shit it out, don’t be clever, keep it pointing forward

What do you do when not writing, eating or reading? You don’t want to know this

What’s your idea of comfort food and comfort reading? Pride & Prejudice and rice pudding.

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