Classic Fare at Old-Timey Montreal Restaurants

The food: classic meals in Montreal

The story:
On a recent weekend visit to Montreal, my husband E and I stopped in at two Montreal mainstay restaurants for some old school favorites.

First up was lunch at the Greek restaurant Mythos on Park, the interior of which is painted in a throwback Minoan palace style.

We started with a simple Greek salad (shown at top) made with beautiful still in-season field tomatoes. We followed it with crisp, fried, thin slices of eggplant and zucchini, coated in a delicate batter, and served with what E said was stellar tzatziki (still too garlicky for my garlic-averse self). It did indeed look like a superior version of tzatziki, though.

And because we can never seem to get enough of fine fried food (not an oxymoron), we ordered fried calamari too, which had been coated in the same light batter.

Restaurant Mythos Ouzeri Estiatorio on Urbanspoon

The next day, a Saturday, we dared to enter classic French bistro L’Express, at the prime brunch time of 12:15 pm, without a reservation. Few tables were occupied when we arrived and we were greeted warmly and seated. The maitre d even replied to me in French when I stammered, “pour deux, s’il vous plait”, making him the first person in Montreal who had not dismissed my French by answering me in English.

The baguette slices, butter and cornichons brought to the table were a nice touch, and very good, besides.

As the room rapidly filled up around us with English-speaking tourists and French locals, I ordered a daily special, a spaghetti with tomato sauce and roquette, and was treated to a fresh-tasting tomato sauce over al dente pasta, garnished with some fresh arugula leaves – a simple, satisfying dish executed well.

E, thinking about his Montreal childhood, ordered a croque monsieur sandwich with salad that met his nostalgic expectations:

And we had to order a bowl of frites with mayonnaise to share (on top of spaghetti, a sandwich, and the bread we’d had to start), because how can one not order frites when in a French bistro?

They were everything we hoped for, too.

L'Express on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Classic Fare at Old-Timey Montreal Restaurants

  1. antanas sileika says:

    I am thinking of aspics ever since my Hungarian neighbour brought over a rough country pork aspic. Oeufs en gelee were favourites of mine in France. And please, no trash talk about tomato juice aspic or jello with marshmallows. Bad aspics do not define aspics in general.

  2. antanas sileika says:

    Oh yes, and I’ve begun making my own sausages – apple sage and sherry pork sausages most recently, and spicy Italian this weekend. When I heard European Meats in Kensington was closing, I went down today and bought thirty feet of sausage casing, because where will I get it after they close?

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