Suits Recap, Season 4, Episode 2: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


We begin with Mike and Rachel at their apartment on a weekday discussing how working against each other on the takeover of this Gillis guy’s company mustn’t come between them and trying to set ground rules for how to deal with it. Rachel’s credibility is undermined by the wearing of a satin pajama button-up jacket/top (sans pants, of course) of a type last seen on Doris Day in the 1950’s (and on Debra Messing in Smash, don’t remind me). Their work/sex banter alludes to borders and the U.N. and leads to morning sex opening an episode for the 2nd straight week!


Louis completes his transformation into the show’s sad puppy character by practicing a amusingly and ridiculously cheesy presentation (on Bristol board!) that he plans to make to Jessica to advance his case to be senior partner, only to discover that once again his ambitions and aspirations have been dashed: newcomer Jeff Malone has been given Louis’s case and a swanky corner office. Katrina does some nice work here as Louis’s comrade in light comedy, and her hair looks amazing from the back in this scene.


Rachel flashes back to when she was necking in bars with a clean-shaven and married Logan Sanders (sorry about that terrible pic with the reflection of my window in the background, he moved in so fast on the kiss and the bar lighting was weird), and he claimed to be in love with her and didn’t care who knew it. He later makes misogynistic sexual remarks to Mike in reference to what he plans to do to the company he wants to take over, in an effort to prove whose cock is bigger because they’ve both had sex with Rachel, so we now dislike him more than ever. I looked up the actor (his name is Brendan Hines), and it turns out he’s 37, older than he looks. In some google image pics, when his hair was longer and wavier, he’s working a vibe that’s part Adam Brody, part Reid Scott (of Veep fame), and part a boy I ‘dated’ for 4 weeks when I was 14. But we can still dislike him.


Harvey was trying to rush things in the takeover fight, Mike subpoenaed Harvey with a complaint about violating privilege or something, they end up in the chambers of a judge played by actress Amy Aquino, who I’ve always liked, she’s got a great smart, no-nonsense affect to her, and she allows Mike more time. This is the scene where my husband walked in the room and said that Gabriel Macht looks like he has no neck in those spread collared shirts.


Rick Hoffman aces the wussy, self-pitying body language (check his heels raised behind him as he reclines on a couch, stomach down) in this scene while writing in what Katrina calls his ‘pussy diary’ when she sweeps in and urges him to man up against Jeff Malone.

Louis goes on to have a confrontation with Jeff that involves Louis repeating mindlessly that he eats cock for breakfast lunch and dinner, and we’re supposed to think he doesn’t realize what he’s saying, haha – no.


Harvey yells at Rachel when she dares to suggest he didn’t want her to attend a meeting with her current and ex-lover present, but really he’s cranky because he prefers Mike to Logan Sanders too and having to side with Logan and listen to his stubbled, entitled attitude is making him edgy. If you ask me, Harvey could have taken the opportunity while he was being snappish to chide Rachel for wearing an inappropriate, if pretty, halter top to work with one of her trademark high-waisted pencil skirts.


Jeff & Louis inadvertently make a good team in a fast-paced, lively, well-written and acted scene during which they interrogate a germaphobe who is somehow connected to the SEC investigation. Jeff’s suit, shirt and tie combo are pretty sharp here too.

After counseling Louis to be more compassionate (or something) about people like the germaphobe, Donna the busybody tells Jessica she really ought to give Louis the corner office for all of his loyalty and time served to date, and perhaps because Donna and Jessica are both wearing beautiful and beautifully fitted dresses made out of textured fabric that are wildly impractical for the office, or for doing anything strenuous, like sitting, Jessica agrees and makes Louis’s week/month/year.


Under threat of being fired from his new job, Mike compromises his principles, goes back on his word, and faces up to the cold, hard ways that business is done in this wicked world. He does this by suggesting Gillis use his $500 million “Asian expansion” war chest money (wait, isn’t this a DVD rental business? 2nd episode of the season and already I’m not following what’s going on, business-wise) to fund his employees’ union pension plan in order to stave off the takeover bid coming from Logan Sanders, whom we dislike, and from Harvey, who’s still one of our heroes, despite looking neckless lately. Mike gets Gillis to agree but only after much yelling back and forth, including the part where Mike blurts out that Gillis is “a naive old man having a tantrum.” Old man? Michael Gross is only 66!

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