Suits Recap Season 4, Episode 7 – We’re Done

We open with Rachel in her kitchen putting finishing touches on a large roast. I wonder if the prop people/food stylist sourced it from Sanagan’s Meat Locker, a hip artisanal butcher shop in Toronto’s Kensington Market that Meghan Markle frequents (so do I! though, it’s more like I infrequent it, which may explain why I haven’t seen her there), according to this photo fashion/lifestyle story posted about her by Holt Renfrew, a high-end, high-fashion department store that I do not shop at, ever.


I’m not sure it’s a great idea to cook a big meaty dinner when a) your boyfriend has just been fired, and b) you’re about to tell him you made out with your douche-y ex, but b) doesn’t happen because Mike is all down on himself about his failures and mistakes so Rachel goes into supportive girlfriend mode and comforts him instead.

Harvey delivers some kind of legal letter to Cahill in a bar and says he will see him in court for harassing Harvey and his clients (or for just being annoying). Harvey does his tough guy routine and offers to fight Cahill mano a mano anytime.


Forstman (still on the show!) does a Town car drive-by, in the classic Chuck Bass style, to Mike, outside the Toronto Ugg store on St. Thomas Street. Forstman calls Mike an “obsequious little shit,” again offers him a job, and hands over a million dollar cheque that would be a signing bonus if Mike accepts. Mike says no way, but Forstman gives him a day to mull it over.


Jessica offers Louis a thank you reward for his help with the Wexler shares – she’ll give him anything he wants except the one thing he does want: to be made a name partner. When he seeks Katrina’s help in brainstorming a suitable reward, a funny scene happens where she says she is almost attracted to him at that moment and he tells her not to creep him out with that gross attraction talk. He eventually settles on some provisions to his contract for telecommuting and extra vacation that he thinks might improve his chances of a reconciliation with Sheila (though wasn’t children the dealbreaker issue with those two?).

Donna, wearing a black dress I could not get a decent pic of that has a built-in superhero cape, uses her powers to send Harvey over to see Mike on a sympathy visit. Mike reveals that the devil Forstman got him fired AND has offered him a job. Harvey offers to find Mike a better job, but Mike despairs about his future, what with his fraudulent past and all. Harvey pays a visit to Sidwell (also still on the show!) and offers him what sounds like an insider trading tip in exchange for Sidwell hiring Mike back, but in a scene blocked so that extra tall Brandon Firla does not stand in the same frame as regularly tall Gabriel Macht, Sidwell will have none of it.


On Harvey’s suggestion, Mike meets on the Hart House quad at U of T with Stan, a fraudster of his acquaintance from season 1 who posed as an accountant for years but now does statistical analysis for a fantasy football site. After Stan opines that the people in your life are more important than money, Mike goes home, makes spaghetti sauce for Rachel, who is wearing one of her signature is-it-underwear-or-is-it-clothing tops, and tells her she’s all he needs. She starts to cry and spills the beans on having kissed Logan, though she’s so sorry and it meant nothing. Mike reacts to this revelation as if she’d been sleeping with Logan for months, and goes over to Logan’s condo to tell him to keep his hands off Rachel. Logan taunts him (because he would) with a “she loved it” line – like Logan is such a superior kisser and ass-grabber – and a fistfight ensues that leaves Mike with a split lip and Logan with bruises around one eye.

When Mike confronts Rachel the next morning at her office building about “loving it,” she fails to deny having enjoyed the Logan makeout sesh, and Mike tells her they’re done. She tearfully confides in a sympathetic Louis that she is crushed because she loves Mike but love doesn’t conquer all, as he should know re: Sheila. She then runs into Logan in her office and tells him they’re done – she will never speak to him again, about anything. Harvey later guarantees Logan’s exit when he gives him the final paperwork on the takeover and announces he is dropping him as a client, and no backtalk unless he wants to get punched again. Bye-bye Logan.


Jessica has a run-in with Jeff over having asked Louis to check his work, which leads to Jeff huffily suggesting they keep things strictly professional from now on, because he’s pissed she didn’t trust him and that she treats him like any other partner. Later, wearing a navy dress/outfit with a wide cummerbund that looks positively regal on her, she apologizes, and admits she doesn’t want to stop sexing with him having a personal relationship due to work bullshit.


Louis still hates on the illegal tax-sheltering money maneuvers Forstman insisted on, and is further compromised when he is forced to sign a letter that Forstman will keep as insurance against Louis later blowing the whistle on him. Or something like that. (Look for this incriminating letter to bite Louis in the ass later this season.) On his way out of Forstman’s office, Louis runs into Mike, who is coming in to accept the job offer from hell, now that he has nothing else (that is, Rachel) to live for. Louis can’t and won’t let Mike work for the devil Forstman so he goes back to the office and announces to Harvey and Jessica that he has hired Mike back to the law firm as his thank you reward and forget the other things he asked for, except he would still like to have Rosh Hashanah off. In a deftly and amusingly acted scene, Harvey shows that he’s pleased because he had asked Jessica to hire Mike back, and Jessica that she’s pissed because she had told Harvey no. And Mike is back at Pearson Specter!

m&Rat home

Mike has been staying at Harvey’s apartment since the break up with Rachel. After Mike and Harvey indulge in some bromantic insulting/joshing, Harvey advises Mike to forgive Rachel despite the fact she cheated on him (kissing is cheating now), which is Harvey’s pet peeve, as Donna reminded us when she instructed Harvey to speak to Mike about this. Anyway, Harvey knows that the love Mike & Rachel shares is real and real love is hard to come by, so forgive her already. Rachel comes home and finds Mike there, which gets her hopes up for a minute, but he’s packing to move out to a place unknown. The only conceivable way their relationship MIGHT be saved is if they spend some time apart, he says. But hey, see you at work tomorrow!


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