Suits Recap – Season 4, Episode 14: Derailed

jessica draped dress

Top line: the women’s costumes, especially Jessica’s, were gorgeous this week! And Patrick J. Adams directed the episode, including, presumably, the opening shot of Rachel sitting in bed, wearing a sweater without pants (as one does – not) and almost but not quite showing the camera what she has or doesn’t have on, under that sweater, in the spot where her pants would be if she were wearing them.

risky shot

The ‘sexy’ banter between Mike and Rachel that follows touches on the topics of Game of Thrones (2nd episode in a row for a GofT reference, and after two GofT cast members have appeared on previous seasons of Suits – someone on staff is super into that show), sexual domination, and being tied up (yawn, and ew), which means we’re relieved and grateful when the landline phone rings, Professor Gerard calling for Mike.


Gerard asks Mike to convince Harvey to take on a whistleblower case. Some guy who used to work for Liberty Rail says he was fired because he knew about the company’s coverup of faulty ‘heat sensors’ – this episode’s drinking game prompt – that caused the big accident we heard about last episode in which people tragically died. Mike says no thanks, because Harvey and Jessica are not keen on seeking damages from big corporations they would rather have as clients, but then Gerard mentions that he knows Mike’s secret (AKA The Secret That Will Never Ever Die As a Plot Engine), not that he’s blackmailing Mike or anything.

donna cactus

Mike remembers he became a fake lawyer because he wants to help people, same as Claire, from last week’s flashback, did. So he tells Harvey he’s taking the case on himself, and Harvey says no, then okay fine, after Donna, wearing a beautiful fitted blue dress that totally works with her colouring and her enviably trim and fit figure, brings Harvey a cactus which she waters (wtf?), and tells him not to interfere with young Mike.

On to the episode’s B story, which is a kind of comic/dramatic love-hate triangle involving Jeff, Jessica and Louis. Jeff suggests to Jessica that they go on a romantic vacation together to Paris, her favorite city.

jessica sweater

Jessica agrees to go after doing some decorous chopping of leeks (because leeks = French cuisine) in what looks suspiciously like Harvey’s condo kitchen, while she wears a lovely draped backless sweater that no one would ever cook in, over a bra that either has a very low back strap or is magical.

tricia helfer

In making his case against Liberty Rail, Mike deals with a female lawyer named Evan Smith, played by Canada’s own Tricia Helfer, who I thought might be a former pro wrestler (that would be Trish Stratus) but no, Tricia is a former model (and looks it) who is known for her role in the Battlestar Galactica TV series (the circa 2004 one). Her character is all limp but serious bobbed hair, silk blouses, pastel coloured suits, icy demeanour, and coolly uttered comebacks to Harvey’s wolfish come-ons when he gets involved.

Turns out the whistleblower guy has sued a few past employers and gotten cash settlements, but even so he’s telling the truth this time, really he is! At some point, to provide plot tension, Harvey gets mad and yells, “This isn’t about your parents, Mike!” (though isn’t every episode about Mike’s dead parents, kind of, and their effect on his life decisions? And of course, about Mike’s Secret) and gives Mike 24 hours to make his case, which is not enough time to subpoena the company’s records of safety inspections or whatever. Mike retorts that Harvey is a “cold, heartless, son of a bitch” but it’s okay, they still love each other, and I just realized that Mike has stopped wearing the skinny ties he was once known for. Is this because he wants to help people? And why is that tie so ugly?


Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 8.59.43 AM

Harvey’s 24 hour ultimatum leads Donna to do A VERY BAD THING in order to help Mike, which is to con her way into the TriRail offices posing as some kind of inspector, and grab copies of the reports that incriminate TriRail for not having followed proper procedures.

donna white dress superhero

The scene in which Donna does this conning/impersonation is played as general Donna Awesomeness, complete with wacka-wacka musical underscoring. Later, when Donna is wearing a flattering A-line wrap dress – in the show’s trademark colour for women, white – Rachel even calls Donna a superhero for getting the goods, but, spoiler alert: this will not end well.


Louis brings the comedy by his varied and several depictions of outrage over the fact that the law firm’s receptionist is answering the phone “Pearson, Specter” and not saying the “Litt” part. He discusses this with Rachel, who kindly (they’re friends again), advises him not to harass the support staff, and with Jessica, who is wearing a fabulous white jacket and kicky black skirted suit when Louis quotes at her the immortal Aretha Franklin song R.E.S.P.E.C.T, saying it’s what he deserves.

jessica B&W suit

When Jessica finds out Jeff paid the receptionist to leave off Litt’s name as a prank, she asks him to make nice with Louis. He says he’ll do anything for the woman he loves, including congratulate Louis sincerely and go for drinks with him. Jessica, wearing the hell out of an elegant pleated white shirt, goes all dreamy-eyed at the thought of Jeff’s devotion.

jessica pleated shirt

jessica grey dress

She’s so touched that, while wearing her second beautifully draped grey dress of the episode like the fashion boss she is, she asks Harvey about the time he told Scotty Mike’s secret. When Harvey admits he wishes he’d told Scotty sooner, because maybe then the relationship might have lasted, she decides it’s time to to tell Jeff. Guess how that’s going to go.

the 3some

Mike presents the contraband evidence about the heat sensor coverup to Evan the hot lawyer. Harvey comes along to declare Evan hot and also to gloat about the settlement and public admission of guilt they’re going to get out of Liberty Rail.

showing vid

But Evan has the last laugh when she lures Harvey to a bar that evening for drinks and shows him video evidence of Donna doing The Very Bad Thing. So he can forget about that settlement – and Evan is going to report Donna’s crime to the district attorney!

bar talk

Louis and Jeff yuk it up over drinks – both actors sell a funny bit about football first downs – but when Jessica comes over to Jeff’s place afterwards, he reveals that Louis let slip while under the influence that the Hardman embezzlement happened two years ago, so now Jeff knows that wasn’t the reason for Louis’s promotion to name partner. Jessica tries to explain that’s why she’s there, to tell the truth, but Jeff declares their relationship over.

we're over

So I guess the trip to Paris is off?

Kim Moritsugu is a Toronto novelist whose latest book is a comedy of manners about food and sex called The Oakdale Dinner Club. Her recaps of Season 4 of Suits are her first foray into the wild world of TV show recapping.

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