Suits Recaps – Season 4, Episode 15: Intent

There was a lot of back-and-forthing and reversals of positions and decisions in this episode, but the big reveal at the end (wait for it!) made all the preamble worthwhile.

The Donna-is-in-BIG-trouble story line was the focus of most of the episode, so let’s get a summary of the B story concerning Jessica and Jeff out of the way right off the top. Last week Jeff told Jessica their relationship was over because she’s a lying liar that lies. This week she comes into his office to ask him if he’s also going to resign. He says not right away, but maybe soon.

jeff looking sharp

Jessica meets her sister Leah for dinner, and asks for advice about Jeff without telling her why they broke up. Leah suggests Jessica fight for the man she loves.


So Jessica, wearing a lilac suit with a lacy skirt that is rather bridal, or at least bridal-adjacent, goes to Jeff’s office and tells him she loves him, she refuses to give up on them, she wants him to stay in the law firm, and she wants their relationship – personal and professional – to continue.

lilac suit


He looks embarrassed for her during this outpouring of feelings, but says nothing, only to tender his resignation at the episode’s end, because he doesn’t want to the relationship part to continue, and she wants both, so she gets nothing except this weirdly weaponized skirt (those crystal protuberances snap off, sprout whirling blades, and can be whipped across the room at one’s enemies, right?).

weird weaponized skirt

My guess is she’ll be fine about this before too long. After all, she has a Lawren Harris painting (!!!) in the front hall of her palatial house.

lawren harris painting

But is this the end of the Jeff character’s arc on the show? Maybe, maybe not, as previews for next week indicate that the corruption in the D.A.’s office story line from earlier in the season involving those two cutups Woodall and Cahill (whom Jeff once worked with) is coming back for the finale.

On to Donna, Donna, Donna! (said in Cary Grant’s voice). Harvey meets her on the street outside her apartment to ask her what the fuck re: the video Evan Smith showed him of Donna illegally obtaining evidence.

street meeting

She says she didn’t do anything illegal and “I’m not an idiot” only to later tearfully admit she fucked up and is guilty of felony fraud because she did kind of impersonate a federal agency employee, that is, she implied she was one. But she only did it because she wanted to feel like she was an important contributor around the office rather than just that hot, super-connected, know-it-all babe who answers the phone.

H&D in office

Harvey wants Mike to drop the case against Liberty Rail because he thinks Evan is using Donna as a bargaining chip, and to hell with seeking justice for the poor people who died in the accident, it’s more important to save Donna.

For a few minutes, we all think the crisis has been averted, but it turns out Evan is not trying to make a deal, and Terence Wolf, the D.A., has it in for Harvey, so he will not drop the charges. Wolf even arraigns Donna on the little-used ‘intent’ aspect of the fraud charge (don’t ask me) and somehow hopes to get her to rat on Harvey’s past irregular dealings in the process.

terence & harvey

If the charges are sticking then the lawsuit is back on, because Harvey is mad as hell at Evan Smith. Mike has had to tell the Joe train mechanic guy that he can’t pursue the lawsuit, which causes hard feelings with Joe, who needs the money because he is a poor working man who is reduced to operating machinery in an auto shop or maybe it’s a factory, and who thought Mike was a man of his word.


Except Now Mike has to go back and say, so hey – funny story: forget what I said before, the lawsuit’s on again. It’s too late and go to hell, says an aggrieved Joe. Whereupon Mike guesses/realizes that Joe has taken a confidential payout from Liberty Rail to drop the whole thing.

try this guy

Mike needs a new person to sue on behalf of, but no one who works for Liberty Rail will speak to him. Rachel suggests he contact the driver of the train who was blamed for the accident, then let go with a severance and a healthy dose of guilt-for-life. We know he’s embittered because he uses 3 large red toolboxes to work on his old car in his driveway all day, but he perks up when Mike tells him the accident wasn’t his fault and he agrees to sign on.

3 toolboxes

Louis, who is well and truly recovered from being mad at Donna, is concerned and sympathetic to her plight (there are heartfelt hugs), and is also certain that Harvey will save her from the charges. But when Harvey’s adversarial relationship with the D.A. seems to be throwing shade on Donna’s chances of escaping prison, Louis offers to represent her instead so Wolf will back off. Donna says no thanks, then well, actually maybe that would be a good idea because Harvey’s acting a little psycho and Donna is PETRIFIED she’s going to end up serving 3-5 years in prison. But on third thought, she has faith in Harvey, really she does, so no thanks Louis.

louis hug

Harvey physically threatens the Joe guy to get back into the lawsuit, and ascertains that money is Joe’s only object, which seems to give him an idea. He and Mike meet with Evan Smith and tell her to find a way to pay off the Liberty Rail employee who is the sole witness to Donna’s fraud attempt, or else they will proceed with the lawsuit that will expose the company’s negligence. Evan protests that for her to silence the witness would be an obstruction of justice, but Harvey doesn’t care. All that matters is Donna go free.

thank you

Donna and her cleavage thank Harvey for saving her over convivial drinks at her apartment (though was I the only one who thought the unreadable expression on Evan’s face, the rather pretty green bead trim on her silk blouse, and the better-looking hair than previously at the end of her meeting with Harvey and Mike all might indicate we ain’t yet seen the last of her and this case?).

not over yet

Anyway, Donna apologizes for doubting Harvey and considering Louis as a substitute for even a minute, and he apologizes for snapping at her, but he snapped because it’s just so important that she, of all people, has faith in him.

you know I love you Donna

“Why?’ she asks, and oh yes, oh yes, all you Donna & Harvey shippers, here comes the big payday: “You know I love you, Donna,” Harvey says.

And … mic drop.

Kim Moritsugu is a Toronto novelist whose latest book is a comedy of manners about food and sex called The Oakdale Dinner Club. Her recaps of Season 4 of Suits are her first foray into the wild world of TV show recapping.

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