Suits Recap – Season 5, Episode 9: Uninvited Guests

In this penultimate episode of the summer season, the writers tease us with hints that real changes might happen, both to the show’s somewhat tired five-year-old premise that Mike is a fake lawyer, and to the firm of Pearson, Specter, Litt. But will real changes happen?

Trouble in Love Land

Mike, sensitive guy that he is, develops a rash because he can’t help but wonder if former flame Claire was on to something when she said he shouldn’t marry Rachel if he loves her. It’s okay though, because Rachel is all, “I love you SO SO MUCH that you shouldn’t feel bad that you commit fraud daily and I could probably be charged as an accessory to that fraud. Now, let’s neck.”

Mike with rash

However, Rachel gets rattled when her mother starts talking New York Times Style section wedding announcements and a 300-person wedding guest list that includes the dean of Harvard Law School. Rachel lies and says Mike wants a small wedding, and tells her mother to butt out, which is a bit harsh, Tai.

This is not the Plaza Hotel. But where is it?

This is not the Plaza Hotel. But where is it?

Rachel goes to Donna, who is helpfully wearing a pretty purple (pink?) lace bridesmaid’s dress (which is by J Mendel and costs only US$2800, according to, to ask whether she should tell her mother Mike’s secret. Donna helpfully says that is a terrible idea because then the mom would have to keep it from Rachel’s dad, and imagine how that would go.

donna purple dress

When Mike worries aloud that he is ruining Rachel’s life, she admits he IS taking away her dream wedding plans, but she still wants to marry him because she love, love, loves him. So Mike meets his old buddy Trevor for a drink to invite him to the wedding. Trevor is now married to an unseen virtuous woman and has given up drug dealing and dirty tricks like the betraying of best friends. He advises Mike to take a similar high road by quitting his job, and Mike seems to seriously consider this option.

Mike seriously considers quitting his job.

Mike seriously considers quitting his job.

Yes, Mike! Take the advice of this person who did you grievous wrong in previous seasons! Quit and get a quickie law degree from some cheap online university, then practice for real.

The Hardman is Unleashed

A partners’ meeting is held to vote on Harvey’s suspension, and after Harvey makes a speech offering to reduce his compensation (let’s reverse his position on this a few more times, shall we?) after all, no matter what the outcome of the vote, he is NOT suspended, no surprise, though the vote is close.

harvey addresses partnersJack Soloff slips another item onto the meeting agenda and casually suggests that Hardman rejoin the firm. Jessica and Harvey spit fire at this suggestion, and Donna gives Hardman grief when he shows up at the office and trades insults with everyone he meets. He offers to bring a new, unnamed billion-dollar client to PSL if he were to rejoin, and when Jessica says over her dead body, he promises he will instead take away all the firm’s current clients by having his moneybags client acquire them.

Jessica is pissed.

Jessica is pissed.

Jack (whom we can now hate again, whew) tells Mike he recommended him for partner as a bid to buy his loyalty, but Mike is ever true to Harvey, so forget that plan. Louis, meanwhile, realizes he brought on the whole Hardman problem when he started to conspire with Jack to take down Harvey, so he scurries around trying to fix it.

louis & jack

He warns Jack that Hardman is a devil who cannot be trusted, guesses that Hardman has something on Jack, and tries and fails to find out what it is. He suggests to Jessica that they make Jack a name partner to appease him, but Jessica has a better idea: she tells Jack to resign. His counter suggestion: she can resign. And let the partners vote on who they want least.

Mike & Harvey as Batman & Robin with complementary suit & tie combos - nice work, costumers!

Mike & Harvey as Batman & Robin with complementary suit & tie combos – nice work, costumers!

Harvey & Mike decide Hardman will try to steal good old McKiernan Motors first, so they separately go to two money men who hate each other: Sidwell and Giannopoulos, and get them each to agree to offer a generous sum for McKiernan just to spite the other. When Hardman’s client’s counter-offer is even more generous, Harvey realizes that the client must be criminal mastermind Charles Forstman.


Harvey visits Fortsman in a country club type jail and threatens to use his legal superpowers to have him transferred to Rikers Island, but Forstman’s not scared. You want me to call off Hardman, he says? Step down from the firm. All Forstman wants is  to see Harvey laid low. And Harvey seems to seriously consider this option.

Harvey seriously considering the option to quit and looking weirdly like Joseph Gordon-Levitt while doing it.

Harvey seriously considering the option to quit and weirdly looking a bit like Joseph Gordon-Levitt while doing so.

Do it, Harvey, quit! For the sake of changing things up!


  • It’s nice to see Harvey and Mike together again fighting crime, er, waging legal war together, and some of their bro banter entertains, but enough with the movie quotes already
  • Louis refers to Jack having a “pirate beard” (heh)
  • I laughed when Donna suggested she and Louis follow Harvey and Mike’s example of seasons past and smoke pot so they can think up a way to stop Hardman

Next week: Jessica smashes some office furniture, “someone is going down,” and I’m yelling Timber.


Kim Moritsugu is a Toronto novelist and sometime TV show recapper whose latest novel is a comedy of manners about food and sex called The Oakdale Dinner Club.


One thought on “Suits Recap – Season 5, Episode 9: Uninvited Guests

  1. Dr. Keats says:

    Did you notice that during the scene of Harvey visiting Fortman, all the shots of Harvery were back-to-front? Moles are on the wrong side of his face, pocket handkerchief is on the wrong side of his suit.

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