Suits Recap – Season 5, Episode 6: Spain

In which Donna and Jessica break out some (more) beautiful day dresses, we’re subjected to painful double entendres about Louis’s ‘wood’ and we’re expected to believe that Mike’s cellmate,  Kevin Wiseguy Miller, is a software developer.

better dream

Mike dreams that Harvey tells him Kevin murdered Rachel. Mike dreams this because he’s big-time cold-shouldering Kevin since hearing Kevin is in prison for drunk driving, even though the person Kevin hit had a full recovery. Unlike Mike’s parents, who died in a drunk driving crash also known as the defining event of Mike’s character forever, because this is TV land, where Harvey has lifelong abandonment issues and can’t abide women who cheat because his mother cheated and left.

Harvey had psychotherapy for his problems, so Mike asks Counselor Julius for therapy to help him get over hating Kevin long enough to make him inform on Sutter. Julius warns Mike that all actions have consequences (this season’s theme?). When Mike calls him out as a know-nothing, Julius confesses to his own criminal past.

Harvey finally learns from Cahill what secrets Kevin has to spill, and they concern the proprietary trading algorithm developed by Kevin (hahaha) which governs Sutter’s trades. Cahill wants Kevin to reveal whether the trading software dictates Sutter’s investment returns, or is insider trading going on. Sutter, meanwhile, tells Harvey the software is only one factor in his success, the other is Sutter’s  gut instinct and savant-like knowledge of the markets.

harvey national club

Harvey gets the judge to deny Cahill’s request for the software to be handed over, which makes Sutter command Harvey to move for dismissal. Harvey doesn’t want that, so he meets Cahill outside Toronto’s old, established downtown National Club (standing in for Cahill’s apartment building, I suppose), and tries to surreptitiously pass him the trading software program. Sean insists he won’t risk his career by taking evidence that comes from collusion, but by episode’s end, with the dismissal looming, he asks for the program. Turns out this case is personal – his mom, a humble schoolteacher, always dreamed of going on a trip to Spain when she retired. Too bad her teacher’s pension was lost when she invested it with that Madoff-like Sutter guy, and then she died. Cue the violins.

Harvey and Mike conduct some practice depositions in jail with Kevin and Sutter to stir up the pot, which leads to Kevin and Sutter having a yell off. It’s not until Kevin and Mike are alone in their cell that Kevin admits the trading program is bullshit, and Sutter is guilty – of insider trading and of being a terrible father-in-law. What’s worse is that Kevin’s wife was in on it. Mike brightly suggests that Kevin get back at Sutter by turning on him, and ask for immunity for the wife as part of the deal. Kevin does not agree, and makes Mike promise not to tell anyone what he now knows. Mike gives his word.

jess&rachWhile wearing a serious and flattering ‘fit and flare’ style grey wool dress, Jessica gives Rachel a big ‘not now’ on the Leonard Bailey case. Instead, Rachel convinces her prof, who admires her ‘gumption’ – and I  really hope that’s all he admires about her – to review her  motion for appeal. He suggests she dig deeper into the case and find some undeniable evidence.

Rachel finds out the public defender in Bailey’s original trial never introduced into court an alibi supplied by his friend Maria for his whereabouts at the time of the killings . Turns out Maria was high on meth at the time of the killing, and so was Bailey, a fact he had omitted to mention. Rachel gives Bailey shit for not telling her everything, but she still wants to save him, so when his execution date is set, she makes Jessica help her fight it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 11.33.36 PM.png

Jessica’s one goal in life is to increase the law firm’s billings and number of clients, so she decides to go after Sutter’s investment business (which he had promised to give only if Harvey gets him off on the criminal charges) on her own. She buttonholes Sutter at Aria restaurant, across from Toronto’s Air Canada Centre (check the Raptors’ We The North banner hanging in the ACC back there) to pitch/blackmail him into giving her the business now. Harvey is not pleased with this move on her part, since things are getting complicated with Sutter, what with defending him while helping Cahill make his case against him and all, but Jessica doesn’t give a shit about that.

donna in white

Louis & Donna – or as I called them in my notes about this episode, Lo & Do – get the comedy scenes this week, all to do with the Hamptons house Louis wanted to buy in order to woo Tara the architect.

donna pink

Donna, wearing a gorgeous Thierry Mugler white dress in one scene and a pretty pink Alexander McQueen one in another – her salary really is high – helps him buy the house. When Louis wants to show it to Tara before it’s actually in his possession, Donna helps make that happen by sending the owners away and staging the place with photos of Louis’s dead cats, etc.


Their plan backfires when the owners come home early. Tara finds out that Louis orchestrated this elaborate deception so he could spend more time with her, but instead of finding that loathsome, she declares it the most romantic thing ever. She might not think that if she’d had to listen to the series of ‘dirty’ wood-related remarks that Louis inadvertently made earlier to Donna, who made faces like she found them amusing, when, come on now – ebony? Or maybe Tara would laugh appreciatively at Louis’s buffoonish tendencies, because so far, she’s being written as his soulmate.


Kim Moritsugu is a Toronto novelist and sometime TV show recapper whose latest novel is a suburban comedy of manners called The Oakdale Dinner Club.


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