Ten Days in the Valley Recap – Day 7

IMG_0455Jane begins Day 7 by waking up, on John Bird’s couch, from a dream about the casita raid. Bird has asked Jacob to keep her there because she gets into trouble when she goes out on her own, but after taking one bite of the omelette Jacob cooked for her, she’s off.

At the police station, Bird asks Buddy to try to identify the grey SUV in the murky gas station security video without saying why he wants the car tracked down. Police Gomez calls Bird in, tells him about the discovery of Quinn’s body the night before and says he feels like Bird is keeping secrets from him. He’s right.

Tom & Ali are at a doctor’s office for a progesterone shot appointment when Ali confronts him about having slept with Jane 9 years ago. Tom swears his fling with Jane was meaningless. He’s contrite about never having told her, and admits it was Jane’s idea to keep their fling a secret. Ali storms out of the clinic without getting the shot.

Jane drives to the studio. When the gate guard won’t admit her, she sweet-talks her way in by saying she is just there to pick up some files, and by promising to meet with the guard’s son to discuss a Zombie Detective spec script (heh) he wrote.

Inside, she grabs Matt and tells him that the real-life Red took Lake. Matt still thinks this is an insane theory because the script for the casita raid story has “gone wide” – nothing in it is secret anymore, so why would Red care if the episode shot and aired? Unless they’ve missed something about how it really went down.

Matt and Jane go onto the casita set, which is conveniently fully set up for the scene, but empty of people. They try to walk through the raid as it would have happened, and as they do, we see the raid fully dramatized. We’re shown the shootings of Victim 1: a female prostitute, and Victims 2 & 3: male gangsters. Bird drops in and uses his police knowledge to guide their re-enactment. Some mild humour ensues when he shuts down their assumptions on how to block the scene (especially Matt’s). No, the cops wouldn’t have entered that way, they would come in this way, and so on. We also see a dramatization of Quinn being blinded and deafened by the flashbang thrown by Red.  Bird points out that a flashbang is not a defensive weapon but an offensive one that stuns everyone in close range, so why would the cops use it? Matt goes outside to stall the cast and crew and keep them from entering the soundstage for a few more minutes. That’s when Jane and Bird realize that the raid was a cover for the assassination (two shots to the body, one to the head) of Victim #1, the prostitute.

Ali goes to Jane’s house and finds Pete there, drinking. He’s pissed that he found out from Tom that Lake called, Jane didn’t even tell him. He says Casey kidnapped Lake for love, but Lake’s second abduction should be blamed solely on Jane, because she is a lying liar who lies. Ali takes his booze away and gets him talking about how he met Jane, and more importantly, when. Ali twigs at last to the fact that Lake was conceived before Jane met Pete, and is Tom’s child. Away from Pete, she calls Jane and reams her out about this much bigger secret and lie. Jane says she didn’t know until she saw the blood work after the car accident earlier that year (but come on, now – parents are told their child’s blood type at birth, and Jane would obviously count back from her due date as soon as she learned it). Ali is furious, and says she will tell Pete and Tom the truth. But she chickens out when she goes back to a maudlin Pete (sidenote: how irritating is the Pete character and the actor who plays him? Very irritating) and he says that Lake is the only thing in his entire life that he hasn’t bailed on.

Tom meets with Commander Gomez, in a bid to get some details about the case that he can use to write his story (the story he was supposed to submit on Day 6). Gomez doesn’t want any info going out in the media that might jeopardize Lake, and he is right pissed when Tom mentions Lake’s phone call, seeing as Bird didn’t tell him about it.

Bird and Jane head to the coroner’s office to find out why Victim #1’s file is mysteriously blank as to her identity. On the way, Jane compliments Bird’s eye for detail, and says she could use him in the writers’ room. She also suggests he cook his famous Memphis ribs for her and Lake when all this is over. Is now really the time for flirting, Jane? Even if Bird did say yesterday how alike they are, with the workaholism and all.

The coroner’s office person is a friendly, pierced-nose, punk-hairstyled alternative type who dated Buddy once and would like to break his heart, so can Bird have him call her again? She looks up Victim #1’s file on her old-style computer and finds that she was ID’d (and her body claimed) after she died, but her identifying details have been erased. Ruh-roh.

Jane is waiting outside for Bird when Gus finally returns her many phone calls and messages. He wants to meet, but tells her to ditch Bird, because she can’t trust ANYONE.

That evening, on a hill road, she meets Gus, who is driving a bright blue sports car (not a grey SUV), though he is wearing a black leather jacket and jeans, just like the guy who was driving Lake around! They embrace. He claims not to have heard about Quinn’s death, but when Jane asks him who the dead prostitute was, he tells her to stop talking, stop her show, and if she wants Lake back, to stop digging. When Bird emerges from the shadows, unarmed, to talk, Gus shoots out Jane’s tires so they can’t follow him, and takes off. Not sure why Bird doesn’t call in the plate number so they can track him down though. Maybe he did.

Meanwhile, the dynamic duo of Bilson and Buddy have found the grey SUV. It’s been rolled down a hill and abandoned, it is definitely a police vehicle, and the person who signed it out a week ago was, of course, Gus! Who we see stopping at a convenience store to buy snacks, bananas, and a childrens’ tape recorder/player toy. Hmm.

Bird returns to the police station. Buddy & Bilson avoid his eye, because Gomez made them spill about the grey SUV and how come Bird didn’t keep them in the loop anyway? Gomez gives Bird shit and takes him off the case. Through clenched teeth, Gomez claims Gus was the head of the dirty crew, and the police have been building a case against him, which would have been resolved without Lake going missing if  Bird hadn’t interfered. Bird doesn’t seem to believe that Gus is Red, and he doesn’t want to be reassigned. He’d rather hand in his gun and badge, and walk out, after taking from Gomez’s desk a wrapped roll of candies that, according to my vast knowledge of North American food culture, are called Rockets in Canada, and Smarties in the U.S.


I’m unspoiled on this show – I haven’t yet seen the remaining three episodes currently available in Canada on CraveTV. But my bet is that this will turn out to be Chekhov’s candy, when Bird later finds a discarded wrapper among the evidence from the casita raid. Because I think Gomez was there, and the prostitute was killed to protect his brother the AG. Police Gomez may even be Red.

Jane comes home to find Ali in the house, and Pete passed out on Lake’s bedroom floor.  Jane tells Ali that (she thinks) Gus took Lake but she has to believe he won’t hurt her. Ali says she did not tell Pete the truth about Lake’s parentage, but not because she wanted to spare Jane. Jane plaintively asks Ali to stay, because she can’t do this without her, though she seemed perfectly fine without her that whole day, what with the flirting and joking. Ali just shakes her head and leaves.

Jane helps Pete get onto Lake’s bed. They are both afraid of tomorrow. They spoon and try to sleep.

Kim Moritsugu is a Toronto novelist and sometime TV show recapper. Her most recent book is a suburban comedy of manners, The Oakdale Dinner Club. Coming in June 2018: The Showrunner, a darkly humourous, suspenseful Hollywood-noir novel about female ambition inside the TV biz. Here is its book trailer:


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