Suits Recap – Season 7, Episode 2: The Statue

In which Harvey finds his footing as managing partner; Jessica appears in west Toronto subbing in for Chicago (hah!), looking glamourous AF in a fur stole; Mike goes up against an evil insurance company; and I remember why I dislike negotiation – because it’s all about posturing and lies!


We open with Harvey lying in bed at dawn in his blinds-less bedroom with the oddly positioned bed. He watches Dr. Paula – wearing magically unsmudged eyeliner – sleeping beside him, in what is supposed to be a non-creepy, affectionate way, until she wakes. Pillow talk establishes they’ve had good sex, and they both want him to get to know her better, in a non-sexual way, but first they will have more sex. Harvey discreetly places the duvet between their meant-to-be-naked chests before they start making out again, which I’d like to think is a gentlemanly move made by Gabriel Macht toward Christina Cole, the actress who plays Dr. Paula, but may just be him following the director’s direction.

In a flashback scene, a younger Jessica explains to a younger Harvey that just like a dictator’s statue gets toppled when regimes change, outgoing partners should be supplanted and big clients fired when there’s a new sheriff in town (mixed metaphors hers).

In the present, Harvey interprets this flashback to mean he should ask his old lawyer pal Alex to join the firm and bring a big client with him (which sounded to me like it was Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, but maybe it was a company called Feizer?).

Sidenote: Alex is played by actor/tap dancer Dulé Hill, who is probably best known from his starring role on a USA network TV show called Psych. I’ve never seen Psych, but I recognized him from when I saw him on Broadway in 2013, singing and tap dancing in the musical After Midnight. My dive into his Wikipedia page   reminded me that I also saw him on B’way in Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in da Funk in 1996. Because I’ve lived in Toronto all my life, but I’ve gone annually to New York to see Broadway musicals that feature tap dancing since forever.

Dulé still tap dances (see him tap on the Suits set here), so I like him already. Even if his nattily dressed character Alex initially tells Harvey he will come over to the firm only if he can become a name partner.

To begin with, Harvey tries to push this demand through, and ruffles the feathers of Louis, who is jealous that Alex will come in and take his place as Harvey’s friend/fellow name partner; Donna, who thinks Harvey should not drop Jim Reynolds, Jessica’s 1st client, whose products compete with Pfizer’s/Feizer’s; and Jessica in Chicago, who does not want to have her statue toppled just yet.

Long story short: everybody who talked tough and took take it or leave it stances ends up capitulating without much argument.  They didn’t really mean it, so here’s milk for his porringer and butter for his bread: Alex will come over as a regular partner, and bring Pfizer with him, Jessica’s statue will be toppled but her name will remain on the wall, and the never-seen client Jim Reynolds is toast (mixed metaphors mine).

Donna gives up her newly acquired senior partnership too, after Katrina – who is not yet a partner, let us remember – gently points out to Harvey that Donna’s promotion might signal to those inside and outside the firm that being a partner at PSL doesn’t mean much. And why did Donna agree to give up the partnership she fought for last week, in return for a new title of COO of the firm and a seat at the table? Because she never expected Harvey to agree to make her partner to begin with. Argh. People and their bogus demands and dishonest bargaining positions, I tell ya.

Mike spends the episode working on a pro bono case. He represents a guy whose wife died in a car accident, and whose claim on a life insurance policy was denied. The insurance company found an old social media photo of the wife holding a cigarette, which they say means she lied on her policy application when she said she didn’t smoke, which means the policy was invalidated, though the death had nothing to do with smoking.

Mike spars with the insurance company lawyer, an experienced but rumpled shark type, who quickly brings up Mike’s fraudulent past before the judge. Mike, worried that his history will prejudice the case, asks Rachel to take over for him. Harvey vetoes that plan  – he gave Mike, not Rachel, permission to alternate pro bono cases with paying ones. Harvey suggests Mike stop apologizing,  start intimidating, and start a PR campaign to repair his reputation while he’s at it.

Mike and Rachel hire Ms. Cromwell, the industrial spy who met Rachel in the same bar last season, to get some dirt on the insurance company. They pay her 50 grand (out of Mike’s pocket, presumably) for her trouble. She comes up with an incriminating internal email about insurance company policy that Mike leverages with the rumpled shark to get $15 million for his client, and either an admission of guilt or an agreement to be interviewed saying good things about Mike for the New York Times law pages, which, do those exist? Not sure about that.

Rumpleshark agrees to the settlement, and more reluctantly, to the interview for an article about Mike, to be titled, “Redemption of a Fraudulent Lawyer.” Really not sure about that as a NYT headline.

As for Louis, he has not yet heard from Tara since he left her a message asking to talk the week before. In some amusing scenes this week, however, we see that he’s in therapy, and has been for years, with a German-accented male therapist named Dr. Lipshitz. Dr. Lipshitz tells Louis not to make promises he can’t keep, not to let his emotions control his actions, and that his biological clock is not running out. He can father a child in his late 70’s like his idol Tony Randall! An obscure reference, but okay sure.

Louis also sells the funniest line of the night after he confesses to Harvey why he opposed Alex joining the firm. When Harvey promises that the Louis-Harvey friendship will endure, Louis tries to curry favour with a sports analogy he says he stayed up all night researching, to do with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosch and the Miami Heat. We know Harvey’s truly ready to be managing partner when he graciously acknowledges Louis’ effort without correcting his mixup of basketball and football. Everybody say AWWW.

Next week: Alex causes friction at the firm.

Kim Moritsugu is a Toronto novelist and sometime TV show recapper. Her most recent book is a suburban comedy of manners called The Oakdale Dinner Club. Coming in 2018: The Showrunner, a darkly humourous, suspenseful novel about female ambition inside the TV biz.


Suits Recap – Season 7, Episode 1: Skin in the Game

In which Harvey drives a Ferrari convertible around Toronto, Rachel wears new hair about which I have doubts, Louis acts like a jerk, and Donna’s search for ‘more’ in life is rather quickly resolved.

harvey on university.png

I don’t get why either, but Mike being back in the firm makes Harvey decide to romance his former shrink Dr. Paula, so he drives up Toronto’s University Ave, past the Toronto General Hospital, to Lowther Avenue in the Annex/Yorkville neighbourhood, a location I identified by a) scouring Google maps’ streetview of Yorkville side streets, and b) riding over there on my bike to confirm the specific spot on the block, diligent recapper that I am.

h&P lowther.png

Harvey finds Dr. Paula walking on the street by her house when he pulls up, which does NOT happen in real life mild stalking, as I may know from personal experience, having maybe once walked very slowly by a modest house in Toronto’s west end where Suits was purportedly shooting one hot summer day last year (or was it the year before?), only to fail to see anyone of interest except a security guard and a crew member wearing a Suits T-shirt.

Harvey asks Dr. P out, and she brings up the ethics issue with regard to doctor-patient dating, but in a friendly, slightly flirtatious manner. He points out sufficient time has gone by since she last treated him, and she agrees to one dinner. And yes, he should definitely bring the car to their date, because in the Suits universe, a smart, accomplished woman who previously told Harvey she is not impressed by his wealth and sexual history is a woman who digs a dashing guy in a vintage expensive sports car.

mike & tall nathan.png

Back in law land, Mike gives Tall Nathan at the Tall Guys Legal Aid Clinic a cheque for $500K,  but oops, this means Mike is leaving to work fulltime for PSL after all. Tall Nathan sits down to make his height less noticeable and takes the money, but he and Tall Oliver won’t believe that Mike will alternate his fatcat corporate cases with pro bono ones until they see him doing it.

Fresh off showing his dick car to Dr. Paula, Harvey is all banter and jokes with Mike about bike racks and Jedis, and wants to  put on one last show case with him before he has to stop having fun and perform boring managing partner duties. The last case involves a vodka company run by a tough talker named Stillman (get it? vodka = a still + this guy is a man?). Stillman wants to sell his company and he wants it done quickly or he’s going to fire PSL, so here we go with another classic Suits fake tight deadline to propel the plot.

Harvey & Mike giddily plan a party featuring an open bar and models (of the fashion variety) for prospective vodka business buyers. Harvey goes to a modeling agency to hire the models (as if he wouldn’t just look at headshots or delegate this job to Donna) but all he can think about amidst all the beautiful faces and skinny young bodies is Dr. Paula, so he calls her, and phone flirts, which she is into.


At dinner, Harvey makes the big date mistake of NOT LISTENING when Dr. Paula is filling him in on her background (a brother who teaches at Cambridge U is mentioned to underline that Paula is not a mindless pretty face. Unlike models.) In Harvey’s defence,  he has been under some work strain, but Dr. Paula is all, “This was a mistake,” and “Doctors and patients should never date, especially since I have been known to fantasize about being kissed manfully by you on my doorstep, you handsome devil. I was a fool to entertain that fantasy, but I’ll throw it out there now so you can pick up on it later in the episode.” And she stalks out of the restaurant.

better models party.png

At the vodka buyers party, Harvey reveals that because he is an astute biz world observer, he knows that the serious bidders for the business will be the guys at the party who are not chatting up the models nor getting wasted on the free booze. Nice sexist and stupid thinking, boys. Meanwhile, Mike and Harvey get to drink, cuz woo-hoo! They’re bros in suits!

The next day they meet with two of the three serious bidders who have come forward and start a bidding war. Too bad Mike finds out soon after that Stillman wants to sell because he has been accused of stealing another company’s vodka recipe.

Harvey goes to confront Stillman about his deceptive ways, and is ordered to do his job and make the sale. But after a who-asked-you? pep talk from Mike about how Harvey is afraid – afraid! – to take responsibility and fill Jessica’s large shoes, Harvey goes back to Stillman (who has a weird habit of spending his work hours in the vodka plant that looks an awful lot like a brewery) and dictates a cockamamie plan to buy the competitor and market the identical formulas as separate brands or some such nonsense that will be a win for everyone except possibly vodka consumers.

The biggest story line this week is Donna’s. Early on in the ep, she buttonholes a distracted Harvey to say she has figured out what the formerly vague ‘more’ she wants from life is, and it’s to be a full partner at the firm (not a name partner though, let’s save that for next season). In a nice touch of sympathetic characterization, we see her cocky demeanour slip for a moment behind Harvey’s back, when she whews with relief after she makes her request and he doesn’t laugh her out of the building.

donna whew.png

Instead, he’s, like, “I’m busy booking models for a party, but I’ll take it under consideration.” He continues to dodge her on the topic even after she presents him with a cheque for 500 grand (Gretchen’s idea) to show she’s serious, and even when she punches above her weight class by dealing with Louis bullying the associates he claims to love except he’s a fucked up person who expresses his affection by being not just mean, but actionable-harrassment-type mean. And Donna deals with the Louis sitch despite Louis insulting her big-time and ranking her on the firm’s Ladder of Importance as far below Rachel, who is of course far below Louis.

By the 3rd or 4th time Donna asks Harvey about her partnership, after mentioning that BTW, other law firms have partners who aren’t lawyers, so it’d be no biggie if PSL did, he says okay, you got it.

That was quick.

At least one fan tweeted at series creator Aaron Korsh that Harvey’s capitulation was a sign of his poor management skills (sign #2 after the whole models party plan, if you ask me) but Mike thinks it’s about time, and I say sure, let’s go with it for Women Power reasons, and in the hope of fewer “because I’m Donna” scenes, and more interesting story lines for Sarah Rafferty, who seems like a lovely person from her Instagram feed. Really.

before hair

Nowadays, it’s difficult to watch Meghan Markle as Rachel and see beyond the Prince Harry’s girlfriend filter. My “What’s happened to her hairline?” thoughts upon seeing her were quickly followed by wonderings on how soon she will leave the show, will she and Harry go public at the Invictus games in Toronto this fall, and could she possibly want to live the life of a royal, even a minor one, what with the tabloid scrutiny and the never-ending smile-and-be-gracious public appearances? Regardless, Rachel doesn’t have much to do this episode, aside from making weak she’s-a-good-sport jokes with Mike about how she is going to meet some Chippendale dancers (!) because the writers apparently could not come up with any guys who are more enticing and 21st century-ish that she could joke about meeting while Mike is partying with models. Guys like Nico Tortorella, Idris Elba,  John Cho, or Harry Styles, say.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.15.39 PM.png

Rachel also gets yelled at by Louis when she suggests that maybe she should take over the associates, but in the end, thanks to new partner Donna, Rachel does take over the associates. Which should make for more interesting story lines for her this season than being a good sport about her fiancee’s partying. By the end of the episode, her hair even looked more becoming. Oh yeah, and she compassionately suggested to Louis that he speak to Tara, and get some closure on their breakup by voicemail.

To finish things off, Harvey caps off his good day as the firm’s official new managing partner by, you guessed it, driving back to Dr. Paula’s townhouse, taking her in his arms, and kissing her passionately. And what do you know, she too is tall.


Bonus point: The word fuck is uttered (and promptly garbled/swallowed by someone in post-production) twice in this episode! Could it be that the glory days are ending of shit as the profanity of choice on this show?

Next week: Harvey and Dr. Paula have sex.

Kim Moritsugu is a Toronto novelist and sometime TV show recapper. Her most recent book is a suburban comedy of manners called The Oakdale Dinner Club. Coming in 2018: The Showrunner, a darkly humourous, suspenseful novel about female ambition inside the TV biz.

Suits Recap, Season 4, Episode 8: Exposure

I’ve spared you a pic of the rather unsightly opening image of this week’s episode, which is of Patrick J. Adam’s patchily hairy chest and nipples, half-covered by bed sheets. Suffice to say he wakes up alone in the hotel room he repaired to after telling Rachel he needed space the night before at their apartment. And he is sad/pissed.


Rachel is also sad when she wakes up, her chest covered by a cute T-shirt, on Donna’s couch, which means no one slept at the apartment she and Mike share. That was a waste of some pricey real estate, but this way Rachel gets to hear Donna give her advice in the form of admitting that she slept with Harvey once and never again because now they work together and everything is as it should be. I had trouble following Donna’s logic here but the bottom line is that Donna thinks Rachel should give Mike the space he has requested. And she can borrow anything she wants from Donna’s closet to wear to work!


Jessica and Harvey meet at the office early in the morning. Jessica is wearing a black jacket and high-waisted white skirt that make her look like a chic penguin but she totally pulls it off. Her hair, makeup and necklace are also looking damn good for 7 am or whatever time this is supposed to be. Jessica reminds us she’s not happy about Mike coming back to the firm, and Harvey smiles like he is happy until they run into Cahill who hands them a search warrant for the Gillis takeover files. Jessica refers to herself and Harvey as Bonnie and Clyde and they’re going to fight this, damn it! They rush downtown and convince the judge to revoke the warrant on a technicality then walk down the center island of University Avenue in Toronto past the landmark Beaux Arts Canada Life building that is across the street from the provincial courthouse in real life so that worked out neatly. Harvey suggests they hand over the files anyway seeing as he and Mike did not actually collude when working on opposite sides of the takeover but Jessica says no.


Donna greets Mike with “Hello Sailor” though she’s the one who looks nautical in her high-waisted white skirt (white garments being de rigueur this episode) and blue wrap top. She shows Mike his new office and takes credit for arranging it for him. Harvey also takes credit and points out that the new office used to be his, so there – he loves Mike more than Donna does.


Mike and Katrina exchange some silly “Shi-i-t” hellos. She gives him a funny awkward hug because she has become Louis and also because her dress is neither white nor high-waisted. She recaps that last week, to get Mike hired back, Louis gave up asking for a rearrangement of his work schedule that would have helped him to reconcile with Sheila, so Mike should be grateful. Katrina’s hair looks awesome as usual though not as awesome as Blake Lively’s hair in the L’Oreal Preference commercial that ran during the episode, which was timely because I was thinking about good old Serena the night before when I watched the movie Safe House starring Ryan Reynolds while I was ironing (don’t ask). I hate to sound naïve, but can Blake Lively’s hair in that commercial possibly be all real/her own?

Louis freaks out when Mike tells him Cahill is after the Gillis takeover files because of the incriminating Forstman-spawned document I’m calling the Letter from now on. Louis has already buried the Letter deep in the bowels of the file room but he conscripts Katrina to further cover his tracks, and goes to see Forstman (still on the show!) to try to get the Letter reversed or eradicated. Forstman unhelpfully suggests that the only way to do that would be to have Louis redo the Letter to frame Harvey for the felony that Louis has committed in signing it.


Much ado about the files – which are basically the Wexler shares of this episode, and possibly the next – follows, including a bit where Jessica, in bridal-style white ruffles, gives Harvey shit for letting go of Logan as a client. We watch in some boredom as the characters debate whether some of the files should be handed over to Cahill, no, all of them, no, some of them, should we, shouldn’t we, will Louis be exposed, and was it really necessary to have Harvey debase himself by making creepy sexist jokes to Mike about Kate Upton and how all women want a daddy? The short answer: by the end of the episode Cahill uses an off-screen Logan to gain access to all of the files.


Rachel totally ignores Donna’s advice and gets all up in Mike’s grill in the library. She tries being friendly, she tries saying Harvey told her to help him with the case, but Mike won’t talk to her. Donna finds out about this and chews Rachel out in a wrap (top) battle, which is even funnier than the pun I just made because both wrap tops are presumably Donna’s. Rachel later approaches Mike again because she’s stubborn (and annoying) that way. She apologizes repeatedly, but he still needs space and time so he can get the horrible image of Logan grabbing Rachel’s ass out of his head. She reminds him of the time she had a horrible image in her head of him with Tess (his pot-smoking ex who he smoked and slept with though she was married).

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.49.39 PM

Rachel drops in on Mike at his hotel room (because dropping in on her love interests at home has worked so well for her until now) and makes a get-off-your-high-umbrage-horse-and-come-home-already proposition: she demands that Mike decide, and soon, if he loves her more than he hates what she did. So at the end of a long day spent fighting Cahill and figuring out that Louis is grappling with a moral dilemma, Mike appears in Rachel’s office doorway and makes this cute face to indicate they can forget about listing their apartment on airbnb and go home to it together.


Louis’s emotions get a real workout this ep – he’s safe! he’s out! he’s funny! (LOL funny, more than once) he’s tragic! – including in this scene where he attempts to give Katrina an awkward hug. I kinda love these two now, who would have thought, especially when Katrina forges a document (to replace the Letter) that would save Louis’s ass but could ruin her career. He refuses to accept her sacrificial gesture and goes to Jessica to confess that he made a huge mistake. Cue Jessica shooting death-rays of fire and ice out of her eyes starting in 5-4-3-2-1-

Suits Recap Season 4, Episode 7 – We’re Done

We open with Rachel in her kitchen putting finishing touches on a large roast. I wonder if the prop people/food stylist sourced it from Sanagan’s Meat Locker, a hip artisanal butcher shop in Toronto’s Kensington Market that Meghan Markle frequents (so do I! though, it’s more like I infrequent it, which may explain why I haven’t seen her there), according to this photo fashion/lifestyle story posted about her by Holt Renfrew, a high-end, high-fashion department store that I do not shop at, ever.


I’m not sure it’s a great idea to cook a big meaty dinner when a) your boyfriend has just been fired, and b) you’re about to tell him you made out with your douche-y ex, but b) doesn’t happen because Mike is all down on himself about his failures and mistakes so Rachel goes into supportive girlfriend mode and comforts him instead.

Harvey delivers some kind of legal letter to Cahill in a bar and says he will see him in court for harassing Harvey and his clients (or for just being annoying). Harvey does his tough guy routine and offers to fight Cahill mano a mano anytime.


Forstman (still on the show!) does a Town car drive-by, in the classic Chuck Bass style, to Mike, outside the Toronto Ugg store on St. Thomas Street. Forstman calls Mike an “obsequious little shit,” again offers him a job, and hands over a million dollar cheque that would be a signing bonus if Mike accepts. Mike says no way, but Forstman gives him a day to mull it over.


Jessica offers Louis a thank you reward for his help with the Wexler shares – she’ll give him anything he wants except the one thing he does want: to be made a name partner. When he seeks Katrina’s help in brainstorming a suitable reward, a funny scene happens where she says she is almost attracted to him at that moment and he tells her not to creep him out with that gross attraction talk. He eventually settles on some provisions to his contract for telecommuting and extra vacation that he thinks might improve his chances of a reconciliation with Sheila (though wasn’t children the dealbreaker issue with those two?).

Donna, wearing a black dress I could not get a decent pic of that has a built-in superhero cape, uses her powers to send Harvey over to see Mike on a sympathy visit. Mike reveals that the devil Forstman got him fired AND has offered him a job. Harvey offers to find Mike a better job, but Mike despairs about his future, what with his fraudulent past and all. Harvey pays a visit to Sidwell (also still on the show!) and offers him what sounds like an insider trading tip in exchange for Sidwell hiring Mike back, but in a scene blocked so that extra tall Brandon Firla does not stand in the same frame as regularly tall Gabriel Macht, Sidwell will have none of it.


On Harvey’s suggestion, Mike meets on the Hart House quad at U of T with Stan, a fraudster of his acquaintance from season 1 who posed as an accountant for years but now does statistical analysis for a fantasy football site. After Stan opines that the people in your life are more important than money, Mike goes home, makes spaghetti sauce for Rachel, who is wearing one of her signature is-it-underwear-or-is-it-clothing tops, and tells her she’s all he needs. She starts to cry and spills the beans on having kissed Logan, though she’s so sorry and it meant nothing. Mike reacts to this revelation as if she’d been sleeping with Logan for months, and goes over to Logan’s condo to tell him to keep his hands off Rachel. Logan taunts him (because he would) with a “she loved it” line – like Logan is such a superior kisser and ass-grabber – and a fistfight ensues that leaves Mike with a split lip and Logan with bruises around one eye.

When Mike confronts Rachel the next morning at her office building about “loving it,” she fails to deny having enjoyed the Logan makeout sesh, and Mike tells her they’re done. She tearfully confides in a sympathetic Louis that she is crushed because she loves Mike but love doesn’t conquer all, as he should know re: Sheila. She then runs into Logan in her office and tells him they’re done – she will never speak to him again, about anything. Harvey later guarantees Logan’s exit when he gives him the final paperwork on the takeover and announces he is dropping him as a client, and no backtalk unless he wants to get punched again. Bye-bye Logan.


Jessica has a run-in with Jeff over having asked Louis to check his work, which leads to Jeff huffily suggesting they keep things strictly professional from now on, because he’s pissed she didn’t trust him and that she treats him like any other partner. Later, wearing a navy dress/outfit with a wide cummerbund that looks positively regal on her, she apologizes, and admits she doesn’t want to stop sexing with him having a personal relationship due to work bullshit.


Louis still hates on the illegal tax-sheltering money maneuvers Forstman insisted on, and is further compromised when he is forced to sign a letter that Forstman will keep as insurance against Louis later blowing the whistle on him. Or something like that. (Look for this incriminating letter to bite Louis in the ass later this season.) On his way out of Forstman’s office, Louis runs into Mike, who is coming in to accept the job offer from hell, now that he has nothing else (that is, Rachel) to live for. Louis can’t and won’t let Mike work for the devil Forstman so he goes back to the office and announces to Harvey and Jessica that he has hired Mike back to the law firm as his thank you reward and forget the other things he asked for, except he would still like to have Rosh Hashanah off. In a deftly and amusingly acted scene, Harvey shows that he’s pleased because he had asked Jessica to hire Mike back, and Jessica that she’s pissed because she had told Harvey no. And Mike is back at Pearson Specter!

m&Rat home

Mike has been staying at Harvey’s apartment since the break up with Rachel. After Mike and Harvey indulge in some bromantic insulting/joshing, Harvey advises Mike to forgive Rachel despite the fact she cheated on him (kissing is cheating now), which is Harvey’s pet peeve, as Donna reminded us when she instructed Harvey to speak to Mike about this. Anyway, Harvey knows that the love Mike & Rachel shares is real and real love is hard to come by, so forgive her already. Rachel comes home and finds Mike there, which gets her hopes up for a minute, but he’s packing to move out to a place unknown. The only conceivable way their relationship MIGHT be saved is if they spend some time apart, he says. But hey, see you at work tomorrow!

Suits Recap Season 4, Episode 6: Litt the Hell Up

Multiple appearances by Suits USA merchandise (mug available in the online gift shop on your way out), tense meetings, blue files handed back and forth, tight dresses worn well, Rachel bringing her hotness to makeout scenes, Eric Roberts pwning crisp white dress shirts worn open at the collar, and Harvey taking a break from being angry to joke that he’s George Clooney’s better-looking brother – this episode has it all!


Louis, in good spirits (because of his triumph as Shylock last week?), dance-walks through the office handing out his You’ve Been Litt Up mugs to deserving colleagues. Donna, who looks fetching in a sexy-widow-type black cocktail dress, receives a mug containing a necklace that’s a replica of one worn by Dame Judi Dench when she played Ophelia (Dench actually did play Ophelia in London in 1957). Donna is touched by this gift. Louis is grateful Donna helped him overcome his stage fright and asks her to give Harvey a mug too.

Sidenote: I’ve recently discovered, a website that identifies selected styles (and provides info on where to buy them) shown on selected TV shows, including Suits. The site is how I found out that some of the beautiful dresses worn by Donna and Jessica can be bought at retail for prices that begin around the $1,000 mark, and go up from there. Of course they cost that much.


Jessica is worried about “exposure” on her sneaky purchase last week of those boring-as-hell Wexler shares so she asks Jeff Malone to double-check his work. When he refuses, Jessica, wearing a pink top I don’t like with lovely silver-rimmed pink crystal (quartz?) earrings that made me want to get my ears re-pierced so I can wear them, takes Louis out to lunch and asks HIM to double-check the transaction.


Louis praises Jeff’s work but finds a small error that will allow the firm to cancel the sale and not get caught doing something untoward. Jessica is pleased but tells Louis not to take any action until he checks with Harvey. When Harvey doesn’t return Louis’s calls, Katrina (She’s back! With her hair as beautifully styled as ever, though Amanda Schull must be bummed at how little screen time she’s gotten in the last three episodes) urges Louis to act quickly before Jeff figures out his mistake, corrects it and gets the glory.


Louis offloads the shares, Forstman scoops them up, and Harvey gets super pissed off, like he has done every episode this season – being without Mike is making him SO cranky. Louis meets with Forstman and puts on a convincing performance (no stage fright there) as someone who hates Harvey with a passion (the diary he produces that lists, by date, every insult Harvey has ever hurled at Louis, is a nice touch) and will do anything to fuck up his deal.


Louis gets the shares back from Forstman for Logan to purchase, and his successful subterfuge makes Harvey happy enough to suggest that he and Louis drink Scotch together in Louis’s mugs, which is not a euphemism. (Or is it?) Except Forstman makes Louis do illegal tax-evasion things with the money, which Louis does not tell anyone about except Katrina, nor will he refuse to comply, because Harvey likes him again and that’s worth being dishonest and compromising his principles for.


Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. Rachel does that thing we’ve all done where we go see the guy we used to be into and pretend we no longer have feelings for, with an ostensibly above-board and high moral ground excuse that nevertheless requires dressing up in a low-cut top that looks like the top half of a nineteen forties bathing suit underneath a fabulously chic light grey wool coat (by Burberry, according to, and it costs only $2,495!) that’s all business. She also visits Logan at his condo in the early morning (again) when everyone knows early morning drop-ins end badly. Especially when you indulge in shivery flashbacks on the way over in the cab of that time a few years back when Rachel acted completely out of character and steamily seduced Logan, the married man, in the law firm library, when he just wanted to do the right thing and go home to his wife.


Logan sees through Rachel’s fabulous coat to her looking-for-trouble bathing suit top right away, calls her on her motives in coming over, recites back her come-on line from the flashback about their sexual chemistry, and starts a makeout sesh with her full reciprocation (though he goes awfully quickly to the two-handed butt grab, didn’t you think?) until she shakes herself out of her sexual stupor and runs out of the apartment. She spends the rest of the episode confiding in Donna and wringing her hands about is she a bad person and how could she betray Mike and should she tell him what happened. Donna says Rachel is a good person who had a bad moment and warns her against telling Mike. Rachel decides she must tell him anyway, because drama. And conflict.


Mike spends this episode in a series of one-on-one meetings with Harvey, Sidwell and Forstman, and a two-on-one meeting with Logan and Harvey. Throughout, he acts clever, cocky, secretly nervous, and like he might manage to complete the takeover and find a way to not cut Sidwell out of the deal as per Forstman’s decree. But it all blows up in his face, because Forstman is the devil, and Mike won’t leave his personal animosity toward Logan out of his business dealings, and let’s face it, Mike can’t succeed without Harvey at his side to complete him.

Sidwell – played by a Canadian actor named Brandon Firla, who has a very amusing, self-deprecating bio on and who is hella tall (6’5”+), enough to tower over not-short Patrick J. Adams in their final scene – fires Mike. So much for Mike’s investment banking career. Wait till he gets home and Rachel tells him what she’s been up to with Logan! Fisticuffs will ensue, also attractive facial cuts and bruises, according to next week’s preview. And weed smoking, I bet.