I’m an eater, novelist, mother, creative writing teacher, selective TV watcher and occasional TV recapper. I write fiction under my real name, which is Kim Moritsugu. I believe I am the only Kim Moritsugu in the googleable universe. I can be reached at: author @  kimmoritsugu.com

The six novels I have had published so far are Looks Perfect, Old Flames, The Glenwood Treasure , The Restoration of Emily, And Everything Nice, and The Oakdale Dinner Club,  all of which featured food somehow or other. I also contributed the story “A Taste of Honey” to the Toronto Noir anthology of crime stories. Coming in 2018: The Showrunner, a darkly humourous Hollywood-noir suspense novel. It also features characters who eat. And those who don’t.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Jamie says:


    if you are so inclined, you should write a review of your seator experience on Torontoburger.com

    There is already a forum for the Senator in the Resturaunts section.

    The site is still new but we’re trying to get more than one person to write reviews.

    let me know what you think.



  2. Nidia says:

    You seem to be very talented. I just read a little about one of your books “The Restoration of Emily” and it looks very interesting that I would like to read it. I enjoy cooking and wrote a cookbook which is found on Amazon.com called “Fine Dining at Home with Nidia Robles”.

    You have more experience yet your writing of novels is superb from what I have read. Again, I would love to read your book. Continue with your writing and I wish you continued success in your endeavors.


  3. Margaret Bard says:

    I’m enjoying Ten Days In the Valley and love your recaps! I love your book trailer even more! What a great idea – compelling, simple, very cool. Makes me want to read your book when it comes out in June. Keep it up! Good Show! Margaret

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